First Meeting 9/22/2014 – Short agenda: 1. Choose a team leader. 2. Establish a schedule of due dates and tasks 3. Assign responsibilities (teaming in twos or threes?) 4. Figure out what our organizational roles based upon EQ strengths (maybe figure this before #3) – (Hypothetical town government? mayor, treasurer, comptroller, etc) 5. Spreadsheet data 6. Establish an outline for the paper, the paper should: a. Provide a comparison of the team members’ EQ assessment results (strengths and areas for growth) in a graphical/table form. (Note: the assessment provides EQ strengths not areas for growth. Using the strengths identified by the assessment and the SEI model on page two of the assessment results, determine areas for growth.) b. Highlight the two main areas where members hold strengths and two main areas where members need to develop (areas needing improvement or strengthening). c. Provide an overview of a hypothetical organization the team is establishing. d. Assign each team member a role in the organization. e. Describe each member’s organizational role, and justify the role assignment by connecting the member’s EQ assessment results to the role responsibilities. f. Include at least five outside sources. Content Suggestion: “our justification for why we would be best suited to those roles, using at least one outside source” 7. Other? 3
Organization Hierarchy Only – This is a forum set up for the leader team to have space to discuss and inform on the organization for this assignment, as well as hierarchy of roles, etc. 0
Responsibilities and Tasks Forum – This is a forum set up for the purpose of discussion concerning tasks for each of the 3 teams, due dates, etc. 2
References & "Outside" Source Sharing Forum – Since each "team" will be working individually or in the pairs, this forum is created for the ability to share external sources with one another. This can also be where links to interesting content, found as we all work, can be shared with the entire group. 0


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